Because we care about and respect: 

·         Nature.

·         Health.

·         Slow food.

·         Raw material quality.

·         Nutrition chain value.

·         Terra madre.

·         Ecological environment.

·         Earth.


Kybele Fine Foods is a specialist regarding semi dried tomatoes and vegetables. Kybele gives great importance to the quality of its products. That is the reason why we are committed to clean label (with no additives or preservatives) and take care to avoid cross contamination of allergens. All these criteria allow us to guarantee our customers to receive quality in our products.

Kybele Fine Foods is always seeking to improve standards throughout the supply chain in order to optimize value and keeping the needs of our customers at the forefront of our decision-making. We hold our suppliers and business partners to the high standards under which we operate. Therefore, working with Kybele Fine Foods mean that you can trust the full supply chain. We regularly monitor and audit our supply chain to ensure the standards we need.

Every Kybele Fine Foods employee is committed to operating in a safe and clean workplace. We benefit our quality standards and we conduct monitoring and methodical food safety checks every day in our factory.

We continue to refine our food safety program as a part of our quality management system.

Our facility is audited on a regular basis.

Kybele Fine Foods is proud to use the latest technology in the facility. We continuously add new machinery and electronic equipment in our production lines and we utilize cutting-edge technologies to ensure that our working areas are listeria free.