Our factory is situated on the Izmir-Istanbul road. We are 60 kms away from Izmir and 20 kms from Manisa.

The area on which our factory stands is the most important area where most agricultural products are produced for Turkey's agriculture industry. The lands where agricluture can be realized in the area is around 10.000.000 da. There is production in every season, especially different types of tomatoes, peppers, fruits, eggplants, zucchini, onion, garlic production is huge. Developed industry takes place in this special area and the spot where our factory stands is very suitable for land, air and sea transportation.


The factory is built on a total area of 15.000 m2. 4000 m2 of this total is closed area. We have the capacity of producing semi dried tomatoes of 5000 kg/day and freezing capacity of 10 tons of products/day in IQF and deep freezing tunnel. The factory has 5000 m3 frozen depots and 500 m3 of pre-cooling facilities. We have the possibility of producing every type of jar product and dried products. Kybele produces around 80 different types of products with its own label that are sold in Turkey.


We are able to make every physical, chemical and microbiological tests within our own laboratories. Research and development, label designing, all kinds of designs etc are carried out within the company. Kybele owns ISO 9001 and HACCP certificates and will obtain ISO 22000 BRC and IFS in a very short time. We also have NOP and organic production certificates approved by ECOCERT. Kybele is currently allowed to make production of 98 different products. Kybele makes production respecting the environment, human rights and worker rights and carries out agricultural activities with great attention. We keep track of our products that enables to control the products in every step.